Alpha Kappa was named IFC Chapter of the Year at the annual Greek Awards Banquet on February 8th, 2017. President JR Clay filled out the application in early December, giving the committee a list of our accomplishments and a description of our values. The committee was especially impressed with our philosophy of making better men and our campus involvement. We were also nominated for Best President (Mason Hodge), Best New Member (Thomas Adams), and Outstanding Advisor (Doug Craig). We are proud to bring home this award and only see improvement in the future.

         Pictured above: Doug Craig, Tyler Doss, Sam Daniel, JR Clay, Jordan Pruitt, Hunter Jones.






         Alpha Kappa chapter was honored to initiate Dr. Tim Cross (pictured center above), Chancellor of the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture (UTIA) into our Brotherhood in April.

         Brother Cross’ almost 23-year career at UT includes serving as Intern Chancellor of UTIA, Dean of UT Extension (2008 to 2016), Assistant Dean (2001 to 2006) and as Professor of Agricultural Economics for seven years.

         Brother Cross earned his BS and MS degrees in Ag Economics from Oklahoma State University and doctoral degree in agricultural and resources economics from Oregon State University.


         Dr. Caula Beyl, Dean of the UT College of Agriculture and Natural Resources has been honored with AGR’s Outstanding Faculty Award for her many contributions to the chapter. 

    Pictured with Dean Beyl are (L-R) Stephen Anderson, Dr. Beyl, J R Clay, and Jacob Harrison.




    Fall 2016 Rush at UT produced another great set of young men wanting to be brothers of Alpha Gamma Rho.  The hard work and effort put forth by VNR-Recruitment Percy McReynolds paid off as 19 outstanding UT students signed bid cards following IFC Rush.  Headlining the group are three Alpha Kappa legacies: Jesse Head, son of Terry Head, AKSN-479 (and brother of Clint Head, AKSN-93 and Clay Head, AKSN-1019), Charles Harrison, son of John Harrison, AKSN-547, and grandson of Charles Harrison, AKSN-72, and Tyler Doss, son of Barry Doss, AKSN-621.       

          Winter 2017 Rush at UT produced another great set of six young men wanting to be brothers of Alpha Gamma Rho.  The hard work and effort put forth by VNR-Recruitment Addison Jones.      

    Winter 2017 Rush at UT produced another great set of young men wanting to be brothers of Alpha Gamma Rho.  The hard work and effort put forth by VNR-Recruitment Addison Jones.  New brothers pictured above: Will Lovell, Michael Aleman, Austin Ford, Chase Cardoza, and Zach Petitt. Austin Wilson not pictured.






         Alpha Kappa chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho was represented (16 alums, 18 undergraduates) at the annual Alpha Gamma Rho/ Sigma Alpha leadership conference in Nashville, Tennessee February 3-4 and was themed as the “Total Leader Challenge.” Brothers developed their leadership skills by participating in group activities & breakout sessions. 

         The weekend culminated with the Alpha Upsilon chapter initiating Joe DiPietro, President of the University of Tennessee System into AGR.  We would like to thank headquarters for putting on an excellent conference and are looking forward to next year’s event. Alpha Kappa alumni in attendance included Stratton Bone, Waymon Hickman, Doug Craig, Ken Alley, Hale Moss, Larry McCraney, Jerry Estes, Mike Estes, Mark Wilson, Don Miller, Louis Buck, Reuben Buck, Keith Harrison, Tracey Binkley, Evan Smith, and Evan Beech.


      AGR brings home its 8th Homecoming trophy in the past 11 years.


    Brother Isaac Britt pictured posing with AGR/AXO’s 2015 Homecoming trophy.

          On Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015, the University of Tennessee Volunteers triumphed with a 24-0 romping over the North Texas “Mean Green” . Prior to Saturday’s game, however, the actives of Alpha Kappa were busy competing in the All-Campus Events’ Home- coming Challenge. We are happy to report that the overall Homecoming 

    Champion trophy has returned to its home at 1840! This year we partnered with the lovely ladies of Alpha Chi Omega under the theme of “Let the Games Begin!”

    While a sold-out Neyland Stadium and an SEC Network audience watched Tennessee dominate on the field, we received the great news that AGR/AXO won 1st place in Bed Races, Lawn Display, Window Display, Large Float, Smokey’s Howl, Tower of Cans, and placed 2nd in Large Banner. With Brother Isaac Britt leading the Homecoming Committee this year and with the dedicated work of many brothers, Alpha Kappa was well represented to the Volunteer community. As a chapter, we are very proud of our accomplishments and look forward to a successful Homecoming next year with the ladies of Delta Zeta.


    2016 Winter New Member Class:

         Left to right: Back Row: Eric Carter, Andrew Remke, Beck Ensign, Eric Wilkowski, Front Row: Christian Cardona, Hunter Sandidge, Lee Gore, Kyle McMullen, Stephen Anderson, Jordan Pruitt, Nathan Seidner, and Ashton Smith,

          Winter 2016 recruitment netted AGR another outstanding class of 12 new brothers.  VNR-Recruitment Percy McReynolds, his assistants and the chapter are responsible for a diverse class of new men we are proud to call Brothers.  Months of hard work in contacting and meeting incoming students paid off with yet another top flight class of 12.  22 UT students were invited back for interviews, 14 given bids, and 12 accepted.

         AGR continues to be on the lookout for quality men who would benefit Alpha Gamma Rho. 

         Part of the success for Rush comes from your Annual Alumni Dues.  Your dues help support the Rush budget with two Rush scholarships, a stipend for the VNR-Recruitment and funds to support recruitment activities.


    Left to right: Front row: Andrew Swafford, Parker Keith, Jacob Harrison, Mike Gruden, Brian Greene, Dylan McBride, Sam Daniel

    Middle Row left to right: Hunter Foote, Jake Seeley, Austen Burk, Andrew Raffanti, Drew Maudlin, Jake Bartow, Tyler Chumney, Dalton Teel.

    Back Row left to right: Nathan Rogers, Patrick Fagan, Ryan Watson, Addison Jones, Garrett Brock

         Fall 2015 recruitment netted AGR another outstanding class of 20 new brothers.  VNR-Recruitment Dane Brunson, his assistants and the chapter are responsible for a diverse class of new men we are proud to call Brothers.  Months of hard work in contacting and meeting incoming students paid off with yet another top flight class of 20.  47 UT students were invited back for interviews, 30 given bids, and 20 accepted.

         In this group are three AGR

    legacies.  Will Seeley, AKSN-1238, is the son of Billy Seeley, AKSN-679 and younger brother of Will Seeley, AKSN-1140.  Jacob Harrison, AKSN-1242, is the son of Keith Harrison, AKSN-619, and younger brother of Jonathan Harrison, AKSN-1077.

         Addison Jones, AKSN-1249, is the younger brother of Spencer Jones, AKSN-1183.

         Even with the conclusion of formal Fall IFC  Rush, the chapter continues to be on the lookout for quality men who would benefit Alpha Gamma Rho. 




  • AGR AT AG DAY 2015

    AGR was well represented at AG Day October 3, 2015. Pictured: Front: Sam Koeshall, Sam Daniel, Zack Fox, Jonathan Ray, Andrew Stafford.  Back: Doug Craig, Mike Estes, Keith Barber, Charlie Goan, Greg Hensley, Adam Hensley, Bobby Simpson, Dale Woods, Larry Arrington, Kyle Hensley.





         Alpha Kappa had the honor of hosting all three AGR National Foundation boards in Knoxville on Nov 12, 2015.  The boards were here for one of their annual meetings but we were lucky to have the Housing Resource Trust board visit us.  We had the opportunity to let them see what we are planning for the house addition/renovation and capital campaign.  This is important because they could back a loan for us in the amount of $300K to $400K.  This might allow us to start construction in the spring of 2016.   We will have a meeting with UT in early December and then can go back to the Housing Board to see if they will help.  Members of the National Board 

    are pictured above visiting the chapter house during their visit to  (Knoxville and UT.  

         We picked part of the boards at 8:15 at the downtown Crown Plaza hotel and brought them to the house.  We had a presentation by Dean Beyl, Chancellor of CASNR.  We then had a presentation by a UT facility member form Fraternity/Sorority affairs.   Both spoke highly of AGR.  This was followed by a tour of the main and AG campuses.   Lunch was provided at the Fraternity house before taking the board back to hotel.   On that night, Alpha Kappa hosted a reception at the Crown Plaza hotel where we provided the food and a cash bar.  To say the least, the boards were very impressed by the participation of our undergraduates in all the activities on campus.  I would say that we are currently among the top chapters nationwide but we must keep up the good work of our undergraduates and the support that the alumni provide in order to remain in the top tier.  

         AGR National Board members attending were Cal Willemssen, National Board Grand President and retired VP of First National Bank of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Jack Britt, National Director and former VP of Agriculture at the University of Tennessee and consultant, Keith Bjerke, National Director and a retired VP for University Relations at North Dakota State University, Bernie Staller, National Director and former Chief Operating Officer of the National FFA; Donald Steed, National Director and co-owner of Thompson, Steed LLC, Gene Lemon, Alpha Gamma Rho Legal Counsel and President of J & CL, Inc., Tracey Binkley, National Director and Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley; Jared Biciolis, National Board Undergraduate Director and Noble Ruler of Alpha Pi Chapter, and Phil Josephson, Executive Director of Alpha Gamma Rho

      Alpha Kappa alums attending the reception  were  Doug Craig, Charlie Goan, Dwane Bell, Bill Coley, Bond Jones, Keith Barber, Ken Alley, and Kirk Huddleston.






         Alpha Kappa was well represented at the 63rd AGR National Convention in Indianapolis on July 31 – August 3, 2014.  In attendance were actives Noble Ruler Josh Thompson, AKSN-1134, Sam Koeshall, AKSN-1190, and John Edwards, AKSN-1192, Alumni President Ken Alley, AKSN-296, Advisors Joe Harrison, AKSN-111, and Doug Craig, AKSN-280, Regional Vice President Tracey Binkley, AKSN-736, and alumni Larry McCraney, AKSN-353, and Thomas White, AKSN-725.

         Advisor Joe Harrison received the Highest Honor – Advisors Awards as the top advisor in the nation, and Alpha Kappa received the Sleeter Bull Award as the most improved chapter in the nation.  Furthermore, Alpha Kappa received Gold Chapter Status overall and received Highest Honor for Crescents – Series. 

         Brother Harrison has served as an AGR advisor at Tennessee since 2002 and will retire as Senior Chapter Advisor at the end of 2014. 

         Tracey Binkley served as Master of Ceremonies for the Hall of Fame Banquet and Induction Ceremony where David Van Wert (Iowa State), Keith Bjerke (North Dakota State) and Ole Meland (Cal Poly-SLO) were inducted into the AGR Hall of Fame.  Cal Wilhemmson (South Dakota State) was inducted as the new National Grand President, and Sam Houston State was voted in as AGR’s 71st chapter (Gamma Epsilon).  Dr. Dwight Armstrong, Chief Operating Officer of the National FFA Organization, was initiated into the fraternity.


      A big crowd was on hand Sunday April 6, 2014 for AGR’s Annual Parents-Founders Day Banquet.  

         Ethan Gossett, AKSN-1102, was selected by the graduating seniors has receiptant of the Prof Cole Leadership Award and the Chapter as the Dr. J. K. Bletner Man of the Year Award.  Sam Koeshall, AKSN-1190, was selected as receiptant of the Prof Lidvall Brotherhood Award.  Evan Smith, AKSN-1126, was selected as AGR Big Man on Campus. 

    2014 Parents-Day Founders Scholarship Winners

    Back Row Left to Right: Sam Koeshall, Tanner Pritchett, Casey Goins, Reid McCullough, Brandon Adkins, Mathew McDurmon, and Bryan Agee.     


    2014 Parents-Day Founders Awards Winners

    From left to right: Hayden Kelly (Most improved GPA), Sam Koeshall (Prof Lidvall), Evan Smith (Big Man on Campus), Ethan Gossett (Dr. Bletner and Prof Cole), Evan Willis (Highest new guy GPA and New Member award), Jay Robinson (Most improved GPA)


    Scholarship Winners are listed below:

    AGR Professional Promise: Kevin Coggin, Douglas Wong and Bryan Agee                                                          

    Prof. Lidvall Alpha Gamma Rho Endowment: Billy Rochelle, Tanner Pritchett, Samuel Koeshall, Scott Adkins

    AGR Alumni Scholarship: Spencer Jones

    AGR National Scholarship: Emery Chaple

    H. Charles Goan Endowment: J. Elliott B. Reynolds

    John Dale Moss Endowment: Tyler Fuqua, Evan Smith

    Dr. J. K. Bletner Alpha Gamma Rho Endowment: Forrest Duncan 

    R. Dan Culp AGR Leadership: Josh Thompson

    Hall-Estes Scholarship: Casey Goins

    Alpha Gamma Rho Scholarship Fund (in memory of Steve Hamblen)Reid McCullough

    John Marks Scholarship: Robert Gipson

    Lucy R. Henry Memorial Scholarship: Matthew McDurmon        




    Front Row: Alec Groome, Andrew Futrell, Mathew Shih, Vincent Ruggeri, Colton Smith, and Zach Fox.

    Middle Row: Zack Duncan, Andrew Dulac, Anderson Taylor, Matt Hotsinpiller, and Chase McGhee.

    Back Row: Robin Ferguson, John Edwards, Landon Donkin, Andrew Morris, and Jared Bruhin.

          Winter Rush at AGR exceeded all expectations with 16 UT students signing bids.  The recruitment plan VNR-Recruitment Conner Villas and his assistants put into place netted the largest group of new AGRs for Winter Rush ever, and possibly the largest New Member Class for a fraternity at UT during Winter Semester Rush.

          Conner and the chapter followed the AGR Recruitment Textbook page-by-page by inviting potential AGRs to the house before Rush started January 14 to watch football and basketball games, hang out with brothers and a group was taken out to dinner one night.  Conner and his assistants utilized  “brick-by-brick” recruitment foundation that has been in place at 1840 for a number of years that emphasizes inviting guys over during the semester and building friendships and relationships.  (For example, AGR initiated 13 brothers in Winter 2013 and 11 brothers in 2011.)

         AGR continues to recruit quality young men during the Semester, building on the foundation already in place at 1840. 

         Plans are being made for Summer recruitment. If you have the name of a potential AGR, please contact Conner Villas at 1-704-421-1635 or  Referring a young for AGR membership is a big, big plus in recruitment.

         The Winter New Member Class:

    AKSN-1191    Anderson Taylor; Paris, TN; Computer Science

    AKSN-1192    John Edwards; Speedwell, TN; Animal Science

    AKSN-1193    Colton Smith; McNairy, TN; Chemistry

    AKSN-1194    Landon Donkin; Springfield, TN; Construction Science

    AKSN-1195    Andrew Dulac; Queenstown, MD; Animal Science

    AKSN-1196    Robin Ferguson; Fort Mill, SC; Logistics

    AKSN-1197    Jared Bruhin; Sevierville, TN; Animal Science. Jared is the nephew of Louis Buck, AKSN-558.                

    AKSN-1198    Andrew Futrell;  Harriman, TN; Civil Engineering    

    AKSN-1199    Matthew Shih; Knoxville, TN; Food Science

    AKSN-1200    Vincent Ruggeri; Westchester, PA; Natural Resources and Environmental Economics

    AKSN-1201    Zach Fox; Knoxville, TN; Plant & Soil Sciences

    AKSN-1202    Matt Hotsinpiller; Mt. Juliet, TN; Business

    AKSN-1203    Zack Duncan; Mt. Juliet, TN; Political Science

    AKSN-1204    Alec Groome; Mt. Juliet, TN; Kinesiology

    AKSN-1205    Andrew Morris; Lexington, TN; Plant Sciences. Andrew is the son of UTM AGR Mark Morris

    AKSN-1206    Chase McGhee; Sevierville, TN; Kinesiology



    On Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013, the University of Tennessee Volunteers struggled with an unfortunate 55-23 loss to the Auburn Tigers. Prior to Saturday’s game, however, the actives of Alpha Kappa were busy competing in the All-Campus Events’ Homecoming Challenge. We are happy to report that the overall Homecoming Champion trophy has returned to its home at 1840! This year we partnered with the lovely ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha under the theme of “Cirque de Rocky Top.”

         While a sold-out Neyland Stadium and an ESPN audience watched the homecoming results, we received the great news that AGR/ZTA won 1st place in Soap Box Derby, Lawn Display and Window Display, and 2nd place in Large Float and Large Banner. With Brother Will Batey leading the Homecoming Committee this year and with the dedicated work of many brothers, Alpha Kappa was well represented to the Volunteer community.

    As a chapter, we are very proud of our accomplishments and look forward to a successful Homecoming next year with the ladies of Alpha Omicron Pi.             


    2013 New Guys:

    Front Row (L-R): Evan Willis, Emory Chaple, Austin Lockhart, Percy McReynolds, Phillip Bagsby, Seth Martin

    Back Row (L-R): Blake French, Spencer Jones, Tanner Pritchett, Ben Jelks, Casey Anderson, David Howard, Oscar Riley-Smith, Casey Anderson, Jonah Smith, Sam Koeshall, Santiago Arbelaez

    Fall Rush netted the signatures of seventeen University of Tennessee students to join Alpha Gamma Rho.  The chapter is very proud to welcome these men into AGR.  Recruitment continues at UT with several more outstanding young men considering AGR for their fraternity.  

    Austin Lockhart-Communications-Brentwood, TN-Fr.

    Emory Chaple-Economics-Tampa, FL-Soph.

    Sam Koeshall-Plant Science, Biotech-Philadelphia, TN-Fr.

    Phillip Bagsby-Plant Science, Turfgrass-Franklin, TN-Fr.

    Seth Martin-Nuclear Engineering-Seymour, TN-Fr.

    Casey Anderson-Civil Engineering-Thompson Station, TN-Soph.

    Evan Willis-Plant Science-Hillsboro, TN-Soph.

    Tanner Pritchett-Food and AG Business-Pleasant View, TN-Fr.

    Casey Goins-AG Business, Hendersonville, TN-Fr.

    Oscar Riley-Smith-Sports Management-Oundle, United Kingdom-Fr.

    Jonah Smith-Food and AG Business-Franklin, TN-Fr.

    Percy McReynolds-Plant Science, Horticulture-Knoxville, TN-Fr.

    Blake French-Kinesiology-Paris, TN-Soph.

    Spencer Jones-Business Mangament-Franklin,TN-Soph

    Santiago Arbelaez-Biology-Hermitage, TN-Fr.

    Ben Jelks-Marketing-Paris, TN-Fr.

    David Hunter-Undecided-Nashville, TN-Fr


    Winter recruitment netted eleven new brothers for Alpha Kappa Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho with initiation for 11 new brothers was held on January 28, 2013.  Joe Harrison stated that these eleven young men were among the top groups he had had the privilege to sit in on QC interviews.  Another young man signed a bid in February and he was initiated February 18, 2013.

    Front (left to right): Sheridan Brewer, Collin Gatlin, Tyler Ballard, Andrew Howe, Josh Schueller

    Back (left to right): Christian Burfield, Bryan Agee, Reid McCullough, Will Freeman, Andy Hickman, Ryan Brown.  Not Pictured: Dane Brunson.

    • AKSN-1162 Josh Schueller; Bethel Springs, TN; Biology
    • AKSN-1163 Andy Hickman; LaFollette, TN;  Accounting.  Andy is the grandson of Waymon Hickman, AKSN-116.
    • AKSN-1164 Sheridan Brewer; Hohenwald, TN; Microbiology
    • AKSN-1165 Reid McCullough; Hendersonville, TN; Chemistry
    • AKSN-1166 Ryan Brown; Hendersonville, TN; Ag Communications
    • AKSN-1167 Collin Gatlin; Mt Juliet, TN, Undecided
    • AKSN-1168 Christian Burfield; Mt Juliet, TN; Ag Business
    • AKSN-1169 Bryan Agee; Mt Juliet, TN; Civil Engineering
    • AKSN-1170 Will Freeman; Portland, TN; Ag Communications
    • AKSN-1171 Andrew Howe; Old Hickory, TN; Accounting
    • AKSN-1172 Dane Brunson; Seymour, TN. Kinesiology

      VNR-Recruitment Elliot Reynolds and the chapter did an outstanding job coordinating Winter Rush and AGR continues to seek quality and qualified men for membership.


    We have had an excellent year so far in recruitment.  We initiated two young men towards the end of the spring semester and sixteen men at the beginning of this fall.  Fall rush this year was quite different than in previous years. Fraternity rush was on the same week as sorority rush this year.  It was also during welcome week.  This proposed an unusual obstacle this year, due to the fact that there was not the usual two weeks of school before bid day.  This cut down a lot of the guys that went through rush and their time going to see all the fraternities.  We were able to get through this obstacle with a very active summer recruitment and hard work from all the brothers during rush week.  We could have not done as well without the whole Fraternity’s help, and I thank them for that.  I also would like to thank the alumni for their help and recommendations.

         The group of young men we got this fall, I believe, has the utmost potential to keep this Fraternity at the level it is running at today.  I see in them the motivation and drive to grow the Alpha Gamma Rho name across both campuses.  They come from all over the state of Tennessee and from Colorado to Georgia.  This group has already been active in helping me recruit more young men for next spring and mid semester this year.  Due to their efforts and other brothers in the Fraternity, I believe a group of four or five mid semester initiations is possible. 

         Formal rush may be over, but as an Alpha Gamma Rho brother, you know that recruitment never stops.  We continue to recruit potential brothers year round, as this is the key to fill our brotherhood with the highest quality members.  If any alumni, or anyone else, have any potential recruits or recommendations for me, then please send me their contact information. 

         Please feel free to contact me anytime. 

    Kevin Coggin (931) 309-040

       Our 18 new brothers are

         Late Spring:

    L-R: Ethan Masaro, Cameron Beasley

    • AKSN-1143 Cameron Beasley, Kinesiology, Hohenwald, Tn.
    • AKSN-1144 Ethan Massaro, Accounting, Maryville, Tn.


    Fall 2012 Initiates: Standing: Trent Bibee, Hayden Bliss, Isaac Britt, Brandon Adkins, Kolton Huckaby, Jake Sproul, Corey Powell, Jay Robinson, Forrest Duncan, Joshua Goode, Brennan Lytle, Billy Rochelle.

     Seated: Connor Villas, Alex Killebrew, Ryan Daniel, Mitch Baker

          The Fall initiates are:

    • AKSN-1145 Hayden Bliss; Freshman; Soddy Daisy, Tn.; Economics
    • AKSN-1146 Connor Villas; Freshman; Charlotte, N.C.; Marketing
    • AKSN-1147 Brandon Adkins; Freshman; Cedar Hill, Tn.; Accounting; brother of Scott & Glen Adkins
    • AKSN-1148 Trent Bibee; Freshman; Cedar Hill, Tn.; Business
    • AKSN-1149 Ryan Daniel; Junior; Bolivar, Tn.; Transfer from Jackson State CC; Biology
    • AKSN-1150 Kolton Huckaby; Freshman; Columbia, Tn.; Animal Science.  Brother of Christian Greene
    • AKSN-1151 Isaac Britt; Freshman; Columbia, Tn.; Accounting
    • AKSN-1152 Alex Killebrew; Freshman; Atlanta; Undecided
    • AKSN-1153 Jay Robinson; Freshman; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Marketing
    • AKSN-1154 Joshua Goode; Junior; Polk County, Tn.; Political Science
    • AKSN-1155 Jake Sproul; Freshman; Santa Fe, TN; Undecided
    • AKSN-1156 Brennan Lytle; Freshman; McMinnville, Tn.; Mechanical Engineering
    • AKSN-1157 Forrest Duncan; Freshman; Decherd, Tn.; Ag Business
    • AKSN-1158 Billy Rochelle; Freshman; Centerville, Tn.; Food and Ag Business
    • AKSN-1159 Corey Powell; Freshman; Loudon, Tn.; Turfgrass Management
    • AKSN-1160 Mitchell Baker; Freshman, Cookeville, Ag Communications